2013 Spa and Salon Professional Outlook

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Bright Future for the Spa and Salon Industry

It appears the industry is set for additional expansion into the future. According to a report by GIA (Global Industry Analysts) the world health spa market is supposed to grow to $77.2 billion by 2015. But what’s really interesting is the finding that a lot of the high end medical treatments are in less demand while the stress and health related services like massage, facials and fitness have increased.

Of course this makes perfect sense. People are finding that the biggest benefit is long term support rather than expensive cosmetic services that may have a higher risk factor. But also, the high end services are not repetitive. They tend to be done selectively whereas facials and massage sessions produce the best results with repetition.

Dual Licensed Spa and Salon Professionals

This is great news for people with dual licenses who are focusing on health and wellness. It continues to support the idea that the public is discovering that prevention is far more valuable than intervention. Understanding the value of long term maintenance is also showing up in the healthcare field. A recent US News and World Report article on Integrative Medicine recognize the benefits of massage and polarity therapy in the integrative model.

I couldn’t agree more that, “As the American healthcare system grows progressively stressed and truly patient-centered care becomes increasingly difficult to find, more people than ever before are looking for alternatives to the conventional healthcare model.” What is yet to be seen is how the healthcare delivery system will be affected by the Affordable Health Care Act adding millions of new dependents to a system that is already struggling.

There are already progressive companies looking towards self-insurance that include more integrative therapies and they are seeing very positive results. As the information goes mainstream existing insurance companies are likely to finally figure out what people in the wellness industry have known for years.

So keep up the good work everyone. Keep building your skills and prepare for being the leaders of the new healthcare revolution.

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